Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{winter gardening}

i'm feeling overly schmaltzy today. 
do you ever go back and read your diary/blog entries/emails from last year? from two years ago? from four years ago?
do you ever wonder at how much one person can be so completely different from themselves after a little time passes? 

not in only a bad way, or only a good way. 

i'm thinking that more often, i should sit down and read backwards and think about the things that have been good about me and the things that have been bad about me and make notes. cultivate the good things, water them and put them in some direct sunlight, pull out the bad things and throw them on the burning pile, you know. 

do some mental gardening. 

i'm not just talking about one thing. a personality trait i don't like, or the way that i used to handle stress. i'm talking spiritually, creatively, relationally, mentally and physically. all of it.

because i've had good habits that have gradually withered up and blown away, bad habits that can take everything over in just a week of not taking care of them. 

and it's amazing how much easier maintenance is than repair. right?