Wednesday, February 08, 2012

{the four types of valentine's day-ers}

there are four types {at the very least} of valentine's day celebrators. so this morning over brekkie, i designed a card for each:

firstly, there are the gooshes. these are those of you who watch too many chick flicks and expect every holiday to be romantic, perfect, and bloggable. you'll for sure cry on valentine's day, either because everything lived up to your expectations or because it didn't. for you, stars lyrics for the one you love.

the second group of people like valentine's day, but aren't overboard about it. they're still on the boat. they're the boaters. to you, valentine's day is a good excuse to give a card, eat more chocolate than usual, go on a date, have a girls' night out. for you, a card you could give to your mom, your sister, your best friend, or your husband. or whoever. the mailman, maybe. your dentist. you know, etcetera. 

the third group of people are the haters. obviously. this group acknowledges valentine's day with angry facebook statuses and comments regarding commercialism and stories of horrible valentine's days past. {trust me, i know. i once spent valentine's day sitting on a couch with my roommate and her fiance. we didn't even watch a movie or anything. as far as i remember, we just sat there and thought about how we all wished i wasn't single. i don't remember anything else about that night.} contrary to popular belief though, the haters are not all single. some people love their significant other and hate valentine's day. for you, a card you can give your at least one other friend who hates valentine's day. 

the fourth group is more hate-y than the haters and they don't even acknowledge it. i think, if you think about something even a little, you still have a tiny little spot of your heart that could one day learn to love it. the fourth group hates valentine's day so much that they refuse to think about it at all. which means they didn't read this whole post. which means i didn't go to the trouble of designing a card for them.

because they're silly.

{if you'd like to see the printable cards i made for the blogosphere last year, click HERE.}