Saturday, February 11, 2012

{OK, Go}

smart people.
they make the funniest comedians, the best friends, and the most amazing musicians.
case in point: OK Go.

i've seen this video by this ridiculous {in a good way} band circulating the internet lately. 
there's some skepticism as to whether it's a "fake" or not. i mean, watch the whole thing: it looks kind of fishy. maybe an even better word: impossible.
but i've seen other videos by this band, and i had faith in them. they're smart people.

so i did some research and came across this article, which explains how the video was done. let's just say i'm impressed out of my sneakers. OUT OF MY MIND.

"To hit the marks on time and effectively “play” the song, one of the band members wrote a computer program to convert musical bars into miles per hour. The speeds were not high: about 35 mph during the chorus and 17 to 22 mph on other sections of the track. But Kulash wasn’t watching his speedometer as he drove. He had a visual downbeat reference in dropped beanbags marked with flags, plus a metronome in the car."

if you haven't seen any of OK Go's other ridiculous {in a good way} music videos, click on a few of these, my favourites: