Wednesday, February 15, 2012

{part 12}

{parts 12345678, 9 10, & 11}

"well. looks like we're locked in."

it was 2 am, early tuesday morning. so day seven, technically. we'd almost been in scotland for a week, and it looked like we were about to spend a night in a darkened train station.

i leaned against my backpack.

"i'm glad i brought my winter jacket. it's chilly." i couldn't help but be kind of giddy. i love when things go wrong. is that weird?

barclay just nodded. he loves when things go right. he kept one hand on the padlocked gate, as though he still had hope of getting out somehow. i was past that already. i was a prisoner behind iron bars. i was homeless and cold, and loving the dramatics of it all. how romantic! how exciting! we'd cuddle for warmth and sleep under the scottish sky. i was scoping out dark corners and pulling out my extra mittens. {layering is key.}


in light of all this, you can imagine my disappointment when we were rescued, not even a half hour later.

a group of construction workers found us and popped the lock with a crowbar.


however, i did learn two things from this event:

1) it is very easy to break into a train station.
2) you won't even get in trouble for breaking into a train station.

we thanked them, even though they totally wrecked our adventure, caught a taxi to an inn, and slept and slept and slept.