Friday, February 24, 2012



just the other day, i:

1} bought some blank postcards, painted on them, and sent some words to some lovely people in my life.

2} explored an old building i'd never explored before. because you and i both know: you should always explore old buildings.

3} went to roller derby with my friend kiersten. it's a whole new world.

4} took a walk around the neighborhood while listening to coeur de pirate. she's just fantastic walking-around-the-neighborhood music.

5} found an fascinating display in an abandoned shop window. was, in turn, fascinated.

6} explored some more and found a wheat field made entirely of glass wheat.

7} bought some cozy wintery sweaters to snuggle up in.

8} doodled just for fun. because if you don't doodle just for fun sometimes, i think your brain starts to look like a prune. like, more than it already does though.

9} made shadow puppets on the floor while waiting for supper to happen. because of how grown-up i am in real life.

10} ate peanuts, simply because i'm not allergic to them.

11} did a puzzle and ate chocolate-dipped frozen yogurt on a stick.

12} was visited by the ghost of college-past, and my good friend, crystal. she is one of the best friends to explore with because our common-sense levels are about equal. if you know what i mean.

13} played some music just for fun. again with the prune-brain thing.

14} drank gratuitous amounts of coffee/hot chocolate/tea/warmed up milk. because i love me a hot beverage.

hope your weekend is merry and bright.