Thursday, February 23, 2012

{two wrongs make a right}

i've been trying to figure out watercolours lately.

i was at the store getting groceries, took a wrong turn at frozen yogurt and ended up in the craft section, where i found a lot of watercolours for a little money. i thought, "that seems like a good idea," and i bought them.

since, i have developed a whole new respect for people who can paint with watercolours. i've always got either too much paint on my brush or too much water, and it ends up looking a tad preschool.

however, even though i've not yet felt as though i've gotten what i was going for, i've made some fairly alright mistakes. kind of like going to the store for some eggs and coming home with paints instead.

would you care to see my favourite mistake?

i tried painting a map of the world, and ended up hating it. so i flipped it over and tried painting some hot air balloons on the other side, and ended up hating those, too. but when i was carrying it past a window to throw it in the garbage, i noticed this:


kind of like a stained glass window? kind of?