Thursday, March 22, 2012

{the great internet self-esteem crisis of '12}

i like to look at my stats.

i like to see where people are visiting from and how many of them are around. not in a competitive i-want-to-win-the-internet kind of way {i've taken my google friend connect thing off the blog because lately, i just don't care how many people are "subscribed"; i just like that people comment and that there's anyone at all reading}, but in a curious how-are-people-finding-me kind of way.

today, the results were less than savoury, and i'm going to share them because self-pity is a dish best eaten with the mouth wide open for everyone to see.

these are the words that people have typed into google search that have led them here to

dumbo ears extreme... 8 people found me by searching for dumbo ears extreme?
katy perry mouth?
ballet and dog cakes?

ow, my pride...

quick, everyone say something nice about my face!!! it doesn't even have to be true!!!