Monday, March 05, 2012

{hey, ocean!}

last monday was, to put it mildly, colossal.
my good friend bef and i went to a show down the street and it was the best party i've been to in a long while.

preface: the facebook information page for the event was completely wrong on every possible point {time, opening acts--names AND quantity, price...}, and the guy at the front stamping hands and collecting money was being facetious TO THE MAX. to the point where, after a few painful minutes of snark-filled dialogue directed at me and my idiocy {you know, believing the information i read on the facebook page}, when i dropped a toonie on the table while rummaging through my purse he said in an obnoxious, sing-songy voice, "oooOOOoh, somebody's annnn-gryyy..."

a word to the wise {though i don't know why that's the saying. the saying should be "a word to the dolts"}: if you think that somebody is, indeed, annnn-gryyy, you should not sing to them about it. that's called "provocation," and it will actually make them annn-gryyy-errrr.

anyway. the point is totally not that.

the point is that the show was colossal. but i already said that. so.

hey ocean is one of those bands that don't just play their music to you or at you; they rip the top of your head off and dance around on your brain, leaving deep neon footprints all over your mind. they tie your heartstrings in knots and wrap your eardrums around their pinky fingers. it's all quite violent, actually.

their new cd doesn't come out til this spring, but they offered it in advance to us at the show, so i've been listening to it on repeat all week without skipping a single track {this is huge}. i found it on youtube, so i'm going to share it, but when the real thing comes out, you need to go buy it. it makes the very best driving music.