Friday, March 23, 2012

{how to be a good library patron}

when i was three, i wanted to be a gardener when i grew up. more specifically, i wanted to be my mom's gardener and i wanted to live at home forever and just garden all the time--mostly because i liked the taste of dirt on carrots so much, and shucking corn with the radio blaring was, i thought, a great way to spend an afternoon.

when i turned five and went to kindergarten, my affections fled the garden and made their home in the school library. so much so, in fact, that i told my mom that i wanted to take my bed to school, and that i was actually going to be a librarian when i grew up {because i thought the librarian's job was to read ALL THE BOOKS}. {so much for living at home forever.}

much to your surprise, my point is not that i'm a big geek; my point is that it's almost 20 years later and i still love the library almost enough to bring my bed there. oh wait. maybe my point is that i'm a big geek then.


i'm not a librarian. my passions changed again in grade 3 when i realized that as much as i loved reading, i maybe loved writing even a little more, and i decided that i wanted to be an author. and when people questioned me on the impracticality of writing for a living, i just answered that i'd be a librarian on the side. so, author/librarian. life goal. done. and all my friends wanted to be veterinarians.

anyway, i'm not either of those things: i'm a piano teacher. which is also good. but! i have a good friend who is a librarian, so i'm living that longtime dream vicariously through her. and today, to make a long ramble short, she is here with some tips on how to be a good library patron {as stated above}.