Tuesday, March 20, 2012

{i have something to say to starbucks}

i came across this just now:
can you find the spelling error?
{click on the picture for the answer, if it doesn't leap out at you right away.}

it makes sense, actually. whenever i go to starbucks, i always get some college-aged barista who snaps her gum while she's taking my order, looking annoyed that i'm there at all, rolling her eyes when i forget to specify "tall" or "grande". in fact, the other day while i was waiting for my drink, the girls behind the counter were loudly lamenting all the "stupid" customers they have to deal with in a day. when i said a quick 'thanks' for my drink, i only got one of those looks that said, "beat it." and not in a catchy michael jackson way. 

i always sort of get the feeling that starbucks is that girl.
the one who grew up in a small town and was the hottest in her class for 12 years straight, so she's gotten used to not having to be nice to anyone because she has nice hair instead. 

well guess what, starbucks? when you graduate and go off to college, no one's going to know your name and there's going to be plenty of girls prettier than you, and you're going to realize that you should've been paying attention in english class instead of passing gossipy notes to all the other girls because you're going to spell "vegetables" wrong in front of a lot of people and they're all going to know that you're dumb and then you're going to have to learn how to be nice because you're going to get old and out of style and people are going to start going to locally-owned coffee shops instead.