Wednesday, March 21, 2012

{lately, i've been...}

1 & 2} hanging out with friends at coffee shops
3} doing laundry like a crazy woman
4} going to lots of shows in sweet venues
5} enjoying the sun rising earlier in the morning
6} getting ready for a baby shower
7} sitting by the window
8} rediscovering my love for toaster strudels
9} sticking lyrics on the windows
10} eating apples to balance out the toaster strudels
11} enjoying flowers from my mum-in-law
12} being sick in bed a little
13} discovering sweet new blogs
14} working on some music stuff with barclay
15} visiting the art gallery
16} hanging with my niece {and anticipating the arrival of three more nieces/nephews}
17} playing around on my training wheels camera a bunch
18} hitting up the self-serve frozen yogurt shop in the next town over
19} going on road trips
20} being sad about my dead flowers. everything dies, did you know that?

{all the pictures are from my instagram, @ suzykrause}


  1. Aw, I love the circles. Why didn't I think of circles? *stamps feet*

    1. hahaha your blog is all about circles!! i'm sure i've seen it other places too, so feel free to join the circle club! :)

  2. I thought those apple slices were a bum with a star on it at first glance.

    1. hahahah i just spent way too long trying to see the "bum" in the apple slices.
      i think i do now. weird.

  3. My mum gave me the same flowers on Sunday..I'm so happy spring is here.
    I hope you are feeling better now..
    (three nephews??? wow!)

    1. i saw them on your blog!! aren't they so cute? i love[d] them. sigh.
      {and yeah, three! yay! --unless someone goes and has twins. i have three sisters-in-law who all managed to get pregnant around the same time. hokey. dinah. :)}

  4. Pretty photos :) And we've had some dead flowers too, such a bummer!

  5. are these stickers?? makes me want to finally fix my little computer that crashed and dig up my phone photos and make some too. or i can take some new ones. i love how they look! also, your neice is extremely squishable. and all week i've been popping into this self serve yogurt place that just opened up too hehe. #19 is my favorite...i loved your story about it some posts ago:)

    1. hmm...they're not stickers...yet. but i could totally print them out on printable label sheets and MAKE stickers. what a stellar idea gale!

      and yes, my niece is my best friend. we've loved each other since the day she was born. :)

  6. The next shop over as in Pense? Awesome.

  7. I love that photo of your neice made me laugh--and although everything dies it always seems my plants die a lot quicker than everyone elses--I obviously do not have green fingers.

    1. seriously! how do people keep anything alive???


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