Monday, March 12, 2012

{personality test}


what's hanging from your rearview mirror? i feel like this could be a personality test. what do your pink fuzzy dice say about you? 

i have a Christmas ornament, attached to part of an old necklace my mom wore when she was in high school. {i wore it to school in grade three and everyone made fun of me because kissing wasn't cool yet, and because everyone made fun of me for every single thing i did anyway. i took offence--this is my mom's necklace! you're not making fun of me; you're making fun of my mom!--and made sure to wear it every day thereafter so that the other kids would know that i didn't care what they thought; i loved my mom, and i thought she had good taste in necklaces. that was nice of me. kind of a silent love protest.}

somehow it stuck around all through high school and has now ended up dangling from the rearview mirror, yelling, "hey world! i still love my mom! and kissing is cool!"

so? what's hanging from your rearview mirror?