Thursday, March 01, 2012


today, google friend connect bites the dust for non-blogspot blogs, and {i've heard but don't know for sure} for the rest of us it's coming to an end soon. so. i guess that means that we all need to find a different way to keep in touch?

alternatives: subscribe by email {look over to the right sidebar}, use bloglovin or some other such platform to follow, or add my blog manually to your subscriptions on Google Reader. i also have a facebook page and a twitter account where i link to new posts.

to me, blogging isn't about numbers and subscribers and all that HOWEVER i do like the little community i have here, and i like having a bit of an audience, because it keeps me motivated to write and {try to} be creative. plus, i've met so many cool people from literally all over the world and just learned a lot in general. GFC used to seem to be the easiest way to, you know, connect, but i'll survive.

hope you stick around!