Thursday, March 01, 2012

{vocal fry, jian ghomeshi, and hannah}

this week sucker-punched me in my belly and followed it up by dropping a piano on my head from a 12-story apartment building.

a metaphorical piano, but still. metaphorical pianos are just as heavy, and they fall faster because they have next to no wind resistance.

anyway, some weeks are more ornery than others, and when they come you just have to let someone you love pry the piano off your face and lay you on the couch and feed you soup. 

but the point is not that. the point is that i spent most of yesterday on the couch listening to podcasts. 

do you know jian ghomeshi? i'm not a big celebrity fan person. famous people, after all and as i've said before, are just people with the word "famous" in front. but jian ghomeshi is one of a very select few famous people who i would love to meet in real life, and would be really excited about meeting in an almost crazed-fan kind of way. he has this radio show on cbc where he interviews interesting people--musicians, professors, scientists, movie directors, actresses, and on and on--and is just generally good at talking. he's intelligent. he thinks to ask good questions. he has good taste in music. etcetera. 

so onward: one of the many podcasts i listened to yesterday {and which i can't find now to link to}, amidst ones on coeur de pirate, donald glover, and ted talks, was an interview with a professor at some hot university in the states who researches speech patterns. she played a clip of brittany spears talking and talked about this phenomenon in teenage/early adult women called "vocal fry." {google it.}

i was fascinated because i totally have friends who use vocal fry, but i didn't know there was a name for it, and i didn't know there was research being done on it. i just thought it was how my cool friends talked {which, according to science, is true}. 

the lady also discussed upspeak and the use of the word "like". it was all really interesting, and it all reminded me of my friend hannah, who just so happened to send me a new episode of blogcrashers the same night.

so i give you hannah, along with her friend, ben. take note of "likes", "upspeak", and "vocal fry." she is a perfect model.