Wednesday, March 14, 2012

{the yellers}

i'm a big fan of music. 
my mom used to bring me to rock concerts in my car seat as a baby, so i guess my love of loud stems from that.

the blogosphere seems to be all about the mellowest kinds of songs; 
artists who whisper their lyrics and plunk along on xylophones and ukeleles. 

and you know that i think that's great, but i'm all about balance. 

i like the whisperers, the ukelelists, the girls in their dresses and the boys in their suspenders.
but i will always hold that the funnest shows are the ones where the artists on the stage are absolutely wrecked by the end of their set. gasping for the breath to scream the next lyric, leaning over the crowd of worked-up, screaming kids, running around like their hair is on fire.

my roommate in college hated my cd collection. she'd cover her ears and make a sour face at me until i turned it off, but i had a small group of guy friends who'd quickly pack a car and drive off to any show within a six-hour radius on a moment's notice. the next morning we'd all show up to our respective classes, ears ringing and eyes bleary, incredibly happy and maybe wearing a new band t-shirt. the buzz from a show could last me a week. 

because that kind of music you can drive to in the country where no one can see you, yelling along as loud as your little voice can go. the whisperers sing into your ears and make you cry, the yellers sing into your spine and make you move. 

this morning, i'm listening to a slightly toned-down playlist of the bands i loved back then but haven't listened to in a while {why, i have no idea}, and a couple bands that i've never stopped listening to and hopefully never will. he is legend and brand new and thrice and mewithoutyou and stuff. i wanted to share--it's not for everyone, but you have to admit: they sound like they mean what they're saying. which is, at the very least, loveable. 

for spring by suzy krause on Grooveshark
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