Saturday, April 07, 2012

{about me and about blogging and then about me again}

i keep getting tagged in these 11 question surveys, and i secretly want to do them--because of myspace, you know. but i never actually do them because as much as this is my blog and, therefore, a blog about me... i don't want it to be a me-garden where i grow my imaginary celebrity complexes and assume that everybody out there cares what room in my house is my favourite and where i shop for groceries and stuff. because, let's be honest, you don't. you just don't. and i'm so ok with that.

that's the funny thing about blogs. i think that the first time someone you don't know comments on your blog, it plants a seed {if i may continue with the me-garden metaphor? i may? thank you} in your subconscious which, with the cultivation of a few well-meaning strangers, very quickly grows into this weird forest that you can't see out of, a mess of vines and trees and shrubbery which blocks out even the sunniest sun {in this quickly-becoming-awkward metaphor, the sun is the rational realization that you're not famous, that your self-worth is not based on how many people comment on/subscribe to your online journal, and that the tabloids are absolutely not anxiously waiting behind the tree in your front yard to peek into your window and find out what, exactly, it is that you eat for brekkie}.

{{on a side note: i feel like that's why everyone's having online identity crises and freaking out when they don't know what to write for a few days and mourning over lost followers and quiet readers. because we start out as nothing, and then we think we're something, and then we realize we're not as something as we thought we were, and then all we care about is not being nothing again. it's not so much what we're doing or not doing as the motivation behind it, the motivation being to be known and liked. i don't even know if i'm still talking about blogging or just life in general. i digress.}}

i had a moment like that a bit ago. and then i peeked out from behind a bush and remembered that i actually like blogging, that blogging is for fun. i like interacting, but i don't want to put myself on a pedestal and imagine that the blogosphere revolves around me--and by that same virtue, the blogosphere will not fall apart if i don't write for a couple days {or even ever again}, or if i write a really silly post {like this one, or the one about the nuns}, or if i'm just myself and don't put forth a special effort to be liked by everyone.

so, anyway, the point is not even close to all that. the point is actually that i'm going to finally do one of these surveys. but it's not because i think you care what my favourite things are or that you're going to find it astonishingly interesting, but because i just feel like it. and when you're blogging for fun, that's how you decide what to blog about.

i was tagged by alivia from brunch in april. {thanks, everyone else who tagged me, also. i love being tagged. i do. it's like being picked first in gym class, which has never actually happened to me.}

1. What is your favorite part of the day?
i like the beginning and the end of a day. the middle part is ok too, but i sort of believe that all the best things happen at either the beginning or the end. brekkie. supper. sleep. sunrises. sunsets. quiet conversations--cbc radio even plays all their best music in the morning and evenings. 
so. there's THAT. 

2. Do you have a guilty pleasure band or artist?
{here's the thing: people always are like, "oh, this is my guilty pleasure...!" right out loud for everyone to hear. but if it was really your guilty pleasure, if you really felt guilty about it, you wouldn't tell a soul. hence, yes. but of course i'm not telling who it [they] is [are].}

3. What is your favorite thing about where you live?
it's small enough and big enough and sometimes there is a good band or two playing just down the street. 

4 for real: What is your biggest pet peeve?
em, one pet peeve i was thinking of just this morning was product placement in movies. 

5. Do you have a favorite celebrity? A least favorite?
jian ghomeshi and martin short and robert downey jr. and ryan & molly guildemond. 
least favourite is maybe snooki. and i didn't even know who she was until thursday. i know. i'm like a home-schooled kid on a deserted island. 

6.  If you could travel to any place from a story, book, movie, etc. where would you go and why?
new york.

7. What are 5 things you like about yourself?
i'll be up front with you: i like the colour of my hair {banana}. i think i have good taste in food. this question is making me uncomfortable, so i guess i'm modest, and i like that. 
three is enough.

8. If you could acquire one skill instantly, which would it be?
to sing like molly guildemond. she has the weirdest voice and i love it.

9. What song would you choose if you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life?
yeah right. 

10. When do you feel most safe?
i pretty much never feel safe. i watched too much tv as a teenager. there is just so much that could happen to a person in a lifetime. 

11. How would describe yourself in only five words?
i have blue eyes and
i guess i can't. rats.