Monday, April 30, 2012

{guys, remember how hip i am?}

this weekend was good. there was a party and some shopping and some music and some baking and some oh henry ice cream. oh! also: i found a bunch of temporary tattoos in the piano bench and when barclay got home he found me in the bathroom putting every single one on. then i proceeded--because, guys, i have a blog--to take those awesome self-portraits where it's like, "oh, hey, i was just writing some deep poetry in my day timer here and someone happened to walk in and take this poetic shot of me with my tattoos showing." because those are the kinds of things you need to do to keep your readers happy, and also to remind them about how hip you are. Photobucket Photobucket {the theme of the party was roller derby and i felt like i needed a sleeve tattoo. surprisingly, a lot of temporary butterflies don't look all that tough. my roller derby name was SHUDDER-FLI. remember how hip i-- yeah, no. no. forget it.}