Tuesday, April 24, 2012

{let's play a game}

the name of the game is profile pictures. 

1) post your first ever facebook profile picture.
2) pick one photo {only one} from each consecutive year up to the present one. 
3) explain.


first ever profile picture, 2007 {it says 2005 on the timestamp, but i didn't get facebook til 2007, so.} this is kaiden. my family does foster care, and kaiden is one of my, like, 20 or so honorary brothers and sisters. the day that social services took him away, i was incredible hulk upset. sweetest kid EVER. we still keep in touch, and i keep his picture on my keychain. 

2008: megan & me. the year after college, i moved to a little city that i used to hate but don't anymore. i made some new friends in the produce section of the grocery store and hung out with them all the time afterward. most of them were from england, and i don't think i'll ever see them again. also note how at this point in my life i made every effort to wear every piece of jewelry i owned all at the same time. i had 6 or 7 hoop earrings jammed in each ear and 10 necklaces on at all times. why?

2009: the year of our engagement & wedding & california honeymoon. a very good year. do you not love my mom's dress? i'd wear it grocery shopping if i could. wedding planning hint: paying 50 bucks for alterations on an old dress is cheaper and funner than paying 3000 bucks for a new one. TRUTH.

2010: we were taylor swift & andrew schwab for halloween. sadly, no one could tell that we were dressed up. 

2011: a reunion with old friends. crystal, karz, rachie, & janet. this group of girls hurts my face. you know those people who make you laugh and smile too much and then you go home and look in the mirror and discover new lines around your mouth? 

2012: here's where we're at now. me and my favourite abandoned shop window. i love this shop window. i want to have it. i feel like no one appreciates it the way i do. 

your turn, blogosphere.

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