Monday, May 28, 2012

{the best moment of reality tv, ever}

american idol.

i was somewhere in high school when it started. my best friend at the time was very into it, so i saw every episode of the first season. i didn't see another one until i was living in my first apartment with karlie. we had exactly two channels {and one of them was french} so tuesday and wednesday nights were spent eating oatmeal and peanut butter and cheering for some stranger out in tv land who i can't even remember now. he might have had dreadlocks. or it might have been a girl.

so i don't even know why i decided to watch this season of it. i've always thought it was kind of a joke. i don't respect j-lo {one of the judges} musically, and steven tyler {another judge} WEIRDS ME OUT. the music they perform on the show is usually pretty lame and ryan seacrest, etc. anyway. i think it was just one of those times where i was folding laundry and got tired of the quiet room and i'd already watched this week's episode of community, so i just clicked on and watched the first thing that i recognized.

anyway. i was hooked like a fish through the lip and i've decided to be ok with it. it had its cheesiness and its silliness and its pitchiness and its jennifer lopeziness, but it all led up to my single favourite moment of reality tv, ever. phillip and i both cried a little when the marching band came out.