Tuesday, May 22, 2012


my society6 iphone case came in the mail this weekend {mail on the weekend? how?}!!

Photobucket Photobucket

i ordered one of my own from my little soc6 shop because i was paranoid and distrustful, as always, that the quality of the case was going to be bad or that the picture would be pixel-y or something, and that people would be mad at me for selling crap.
Photobucket verdict: my mind is at ease. the case itself is solid; it's sturdy and it doesn't obstruct the camera or any of the buttons like some do. and the picture looks the very same on the case as it does in my sketchbook! {one of my friends actually thought i'd drawn the picture right onto the white iphone case.} so i guess all systems are go.
not to be pushy, but you should know that shipping is free until sunday. shipping is normally 10 bucks. 10 bucks could buy you a cd, or a ticket to a local show, or 9 chocolate bars! click here if you want one or ten.

if that doesn't sell you, here's a picture of me endorsing my product over a cup of cold coffee. sorry i look like that, i haven't washed my hair since thursday and it's starting to dreadlock underneath. plus i have kind of a sunburn and am wearing all the same clothes as yesterday. that's how you know we're friends now; i don't feel like i have to dress up for you. Photobucket