Thursday, May 24, 2012

{paper bag princess}

a few people have been emailing and stuff, asking how to make the paper bag decorations from this post. i will totally not withhold that information from you--it's so easy, you're going to cry.
all you need: six paper bags of any colour or size, some string, a hole punch, double sided tape, & scissors.
i found this little craft on good old martha {of course} and i kept one after the party for my "office." Photobucket


  1. Get out. That's so easy! Guess what I'm doing tonight! Thanks for always being so inspiring, Suzy! I really like you. =]

    1. sweeeeet! i can't wait to see yours. :D
      {i like you too :)}

  2. This is elegant to me, thanks for sharing this by step by step. I should try it. paper bags with handles


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