Friday, May 25, 2012


the other day over brekkie, i doodled up a few more doodles, just in time for the free shipping week {which ends sunday}. lots of feathers and lace, greeting cards and laptop decals and ipod/phone cases and stuff. 

note: this isn't me asking you to buy stuff. i'd feel incredibly awkward if people spent money out of obligation. this is just me saying, "here it is, if you like it, you can totally have it. for money. obviously." and i promise this blog isn't going to be all, "here's new stuff in my store!" all the time. just this week, because it's free shipping week.

thanks so much to all the people who have already bought things. i appreciate it so terribly much, you can't know. if i ever see you in public with an iphone case or something, i'll probably run over to you and yell at you about how much i love you. it'll be really, really awkward.