Wednesday, June 20, 2012


i turned 25 this morning.

 it's strange to think i've only existed for 25 years. i feel as though i've been around since the dawn of time. all my friends are walking around saying, "ugh, i can't believe i'm 25 already!" and i join in because i know that's what you're supposed to say when you're 25, but 25 years isn't very many.

30 years isn't very many. 60 years isn't very many. even if you lived to 150, that wouldn't impress me very much.

 25 years is only just enough years to even sort of understand what's going on. you learn a few things, you relearn them, you realize that you learned them wrong, so you learn them again. you make some friends and lose a few people and gain stuff and knowledge and then you're living in a little house in a little city drinking your coffee {almost} black and thinking, i've only existed for 25 years. there is a time before i was born where the world was here and i just wasn't in it. at all. 

and then, inevitably, you get thinking about dinosaurs and cake.

if i was a dinosaur, i would want to be a pterodactyl. obviously.

anyway, here's some birthday cake for us to share:
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