Friday, June 08, 2012

{help my ears}

i'm getting ready for a garage sale. out with the old! out! out!

our house, as i've mentioned before, is 480 square feet. there's a place where i can stand and see all of the rooms {excluding the basement} at once. this is the kind of space that i need--it requires me to constantly purge.

out with the old! out! out!

so. the process of getting ready for a garage sale is maybe a little daunting. but the very very first thing on my list of important preparatory things to do today is make mix tapes so that we don't get bored sitting on the lawn in the quiet, and so that we feel summery, and so that the rain doesn't make us lose heart by noon.

here's the beginnings. if you have anything to add, by all means: the comments section is your oyster.

it's almost summer, i suppose. by suzy krause on Grooveshark