Wednesday, June 27, 2012

{mammatus ftw!}

last night there was a storm.

there were tornado warnings and storm chasers and winds and dramatic lightning and thunder and rain and all that. my friends all huddled in their living rooms, nervously watching the skies and updating their facebook statuses. we did that for a while too, but there was a 3d movie at the imax that we hadn't seen yet {one of those nature ones with polar bears and walruses} so we went to the movies.

anyway. the movie was great; the ride home was a bit sketchy but we made it, and then we made popcorn and iced coffees and listened to the crashings for a bit from the safety of our living room, yada yada yada, storm storm storm, but THEN.

the storm passed, the sun peeked out a bit, and the sky was filled with mammatus clouds!

i'd never seen anything like it before. it was as though the sky was boiling. the city came out of hiding and everyone was on their front lawns taking cell phone pictures. it's kind of what i imagine the end of the world will be like--everyone hashtagging and social networking while the sky is being torn in two.


but the point is not that. the point, friends, is most definitely this:

Photobucket {from the #yqr instagram page}