Tuesday, June 26, 2012


all of my life i have always and only wanted big glasses. not sunglasses: eyeglasses glasses. spectacles, goggles, lunettes. i used to lie to my eye doctor, and he used to see right through me. somehow he knew. because of that, i always thought that the eye doctor must be somewhat supernatural. and also, i hated him.

so it was that i was made to attend school with two eyes instead of four. the common refrain was, "boys don't make passes at girls who wear glasses," but i didn't care. i wanted to be a librarian. i wanted to read and write a million books and attend art galleries on the weekends, and go to the park to study strangers over the top of a good solid glasses rim, constantly adjusting and fidgeting and pulling my clunky eyewear off to chew on the arm while deep in thought. how could i do any of that with 20/20 vision? anyway. my vision started to go blurry about a year ago, and the 7 year-old inside of me was ecstatic, you guys. i finally got around to booking an appointment with an optometrist, and, armed with a prescription, ordered my first pair of legit specs off of clearlycontacts.ca {it just so happened that there was a sale, and i got mine for free}. i'm pretty happy. i may never be a librarian, but i kind of look like one.