Friday, June 22, 2012

{thanks lots}

thanks for all the birthday greetings and wishes and nice things said--and bless your hearts, those of you who offered to throw me a dinosaur birthday party and make me pterodactyl wings!

the day was beautiful; i woke up with all of my presents on my face, ate blueberry-raspberry pancakes in bed, went to brunch with karz and her baby, went to lunch at five guys burgers & fries with my parents and big brother {who all drove five hours just to see me for a few hours and then drove another five hours right back home} {{we spent a bit of the afternoon mowing the lawn and pulling weeds, and it was the best birthday afternoon ever, actually}}, had a dairy queen ice cream pizza dropped off at my door by my mum-in-law, was surprised with more five guys burgers & fries for supper {so much eating!!!}, spent the evening with more crazy yet wonderful people, and finished the night at starbucks, just me and barclay, where i got a free birthday drink. fell asleep watching season 3 of boy meets world. felt crazy loved.

my friends & family are just unreal. but like, i mean, they're real though. like, i'm not making them up.