Tuesday, July 31, 2012

{and i can see for myles, myles, myles}

Photobucket the family tree has been sending off shoots like crazy lately. we've had two nephews and one little niece join the gang since april! which is fantastic, because you know that feeling where you just need to hug someone who doesn't have anything else in the world to do but be hugged? babies are good for that.

it's a completely strange thing, holding a baby. i mean, for me it is anyway. the whole time i'm holding myles {the one who joined us on saturday, pictured above with his uncle barclay}, i'm thinking about his little head and his little ears and his little skin, and how he will someday be a full grown man and how that skin will just grow and stretch and somehow cover all of him and somehow his ears will be the right size for his head and somehow his bones will all grow. and i don't know about you, but the thought of bones growing is definitely fascinating and wonderful and makes me feel like i'm going to throw up. probably because i start imagining what it would sound like if we could hear bones growing.

and i'm thinking about his brain, and how every experience he has in these first few days must be mind-blowingly amazing to him. LIGHT! LOUD! WHO ARE YOU? WHO AM I? STRETCH! BARF! WHAT'S A MYLES? COLD! can you imagine it? never having seen another human being in your whole life, and suddenly there're all these giant ones, passing you around and talking so loudly and excitedly, right in your face, in a language you don't even know, touching your head a lot and laughing and crying. and you can't move and you can't completely see and you don't have a clue what's even going on. mind-blowingly amazing, but also a little twilight zone-ish.

and i'm thinking about how much future and how little past he has. do you know how much i love watching someone i love experience something for the first time? as i hold this little boy, who is exactly 5 hours old, i want to bundle him up and take him to the zoo, and to scotland, and to the ocean, and on a train, and to disneyland, and to the playground, and to the pool, and to outer space, and i want to show him my favourite song and feed him some lindt chocolate and double-bounce him on a trampoline, and teach him how to make stuff and play the piano.

and then he gives a big hiccup and poops his pants.

babies, you guys. crazy people.

and i'm a happy auntie.


  1. I love this, Suzy! Can you imagine hearig bones grow? Yeah, that makes me want to puke, too. Congratulations on all these new little babes! Babies are good for hugging. I have my first niece or nephew due in a few months and I cannot wait for all those free hugs!

  2. You're so precious.
    Love how you think and write and feel.

    Beautiful soul.

  3. Hahaha, congratulations auntie!! You will certainly be there for some of his first experiences. Meanwhile enjoy at least the hiccups, haha.

  4. aww i love this :) congrats on being an aunt again!

  5. Welcome to the world Myles! I love this post Suzy :) you have such a brilliant way of thinking about things. And I always think babies must just be like "oh my goodness, what on earth is going on?!" and that's why they're always a bit staring and blinky at first haha.

  6. Favorite line:

    "and then he gives a big hiccup and poops his pants."

    Oh, how I LOVE (!!!) your way with words.
    :D :D :D

  7. This is just lovely. Being an aunt is awesome :) And so is holding a baby! I have all those thoughts too, just can't word them as beautifully as you do :)


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