Tuesday, July 24, 2012

{mega man and me}

this is mega man. if you haven't heard of him, you obviously don't spend very much time with barclay who, along with playing the actual video games, likes to play the entire video game score on his electric guitar with his friend, bernard. {that's actually a lot more impressive a feat than it sounds right now, i promise.}
Photobucket anyway. we sat down in the dining room last week with every single art supply i own, and while i played with watercolours and ink, he dove into the acrylics and produced a pixelated painting of his favourite little video game guy.
it's going above our dining room table, i think.

i know, i know. i can hear all you interior design buffs and anthropologie lovers sucking your breath in at the thought of video game characters on your walls. but i've always thought it was a little unfair how little say guys get in how the inside of their houses look. i read these blogs where the girl's like, "...and next, i'm going to paint every other wall pink and recover everything in lace!" maybe a lot of guys just don't care, but i'll always remember when we moved in here and the bathroom was purple and i thought it was actually not a bad colour and barclay, all consternation and panic, exclaimed, "I'M A BOY!" and since then we've tried to kind of strike a decent balance with the whole decoration thing. he gets his tree stump coffee table, i get my flowery wallpaper. i hang my pretty maps on the wall in the living room, he gets a mega man portrait in the dining room. because, you know, he lives here too and stuff.

besides. i think it's cool.