Wednesday, July 18, 2012


i've never been one of those girls who love to sew and quilt and knit and crochet. i mean, i could probably get into it if i tried, but right now i'm just not. in grade 12 home ec. i started a jean quilt and left it incomplete {along with my grade} in a box until a friend finished it for me {bless you, patricia}. a year and a half ago i started knitting a scarf and have probably an inch left to go on it...but just between you and me and the whole internet, that inch may as well be a hundred miles.
because i love the idea of a cozy evening spent by a fireplace making soft things to give as gifts and to wear and to keep warm with...but when the cozy evening comes, i'm more likely to spend it at a table with a pen and paper, delineating and watercoloring and writing out paragraphs that will never keep anyone warm. 


last night, barclay and i got out every single art supply we owned and spread ourselves out in the dining room with some iced coffee and some fans and some music, and while he created a giant acrylic likeness of his favourite video game character {and heck yes we're going to hang it up in the house when it's done} i got as close as i will ever get to completing a quilt.  Photobucket
{and then i added it to my shop as a print, notecards, or iphone case. because i'm obsessed with society sixing.} Photobucket
i guess the moral of the story is something about quilts and paint.