Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{a girl walked by with a rat on her shoulder}

we were in vic park--me, barclay, and some friends.
and some friends of some friends, who i didn't know.
there were lawn chairs and blankets and snacks and stuff.
it was maybe 5 o'clock, or 6 o'clock, or 8 o'clock, or something.
it might have been 9 o'clock.
a girl walked by with a rat on her shoulder, and i said, "look!
a girl walked by with a rat on her shoulder!"
and everyone looked and saw and made all of the sounds that people make when they see
a girl walk by with a rat on her shoulder.
exclamations and tongue clicking and disgusted laughs and stuff.
i didn't get my camera out fast enough, so i have no picture.
but i'm sure you can picture it without a picture of it.
a woman was sitting near me and she said, "oh yes, that's olivia and sarah."
and i said, "is olivia the rat or the girl?"
and she said, "the rat. sarah is the girl."
and when i was telling the story to someone later, they said,
"oh yes, i know that girl who walks around with a rat on her shoulder. her name is andrea."
and i said, "no, her name is sarah."
and they said, "no, her name is andrea. i know her."
and so, i guess, there are two girls who walk around this city with a rat on their shoulder.
next time i see either of them, i will take a picture for you.