Tuesday, August 28, 2012

{a girl walked by with a rat on her shoulder}

we were in vic park--me, barclay, and some friends.
and some friends of some friends, who i didn't know.
there were lawn chairs and blankets and snacks and stuff.
it was maybe 5 o'clock, or 6 o'clock, or 8 o'clock, or something.
it might have been 9 o'clock.
a girl walked by with a rat on her shoulder, and i said, "look!
a girl walked by with a rat on her shoulder!"
and everyone looked and saw and made all of the sounds that people make when they see
a girl walk by with a rat on her shoulder.
exclamations and tongue clicking and disgusted laughs and stuff.
i didn't get my camera out fast enough, so i have no picture.
but i'm sure you can picture it without a picture of it.
a woman was sitting near me and she said, "oh yes, that's olivia and sarah."
and i said, "is olivia the rat or the girl?"
and she said, "the rat. sarah is the girl."
and when i was telling the story to someone later, they said,
"oh yes, i know that girl who walks around with a rat on her shoulder. her name is andrea."
and i said, "no, her name is sarah."
and they said, "no, her name is andrea. i know her."
and so, i guess, there are two girls who walk around this city with a rat on their shoulder.
next time i see either of them, i will take a picture for you.


  1. Umm, gross? Hahha that reminds me of a lady who attends every single basketball game for one of the colleges with her pet bunny that she thinks is her sister reincarnate. She lets it poop in her hand and gives it play by plays of the game. Some people just love their animals a lot I guess.

  2. I can't imagine why two girls would want to do such a thing, but I do want to see that picture!

  3. Hahah, where you drinking at the park with your friends?
    Maybe you misunderstood the woman, or maybe Andrea is schizophrenic and Sarah too..who knows. Go out there and find out! And..let us know of course, I am curious, haha!

  4. I had two hairless rats and I carried them in their own special backpack and they would poke their heads out and surprise people and nibble my hair. :)

  5. Haha I know a lot of people in college who loved rats as pets! Apparently they can be very affectionate...who knew?

  6. bahahahaha. awesome.

    LET'S HANG OUT WHEN YOU COME TO TORONTO, OKAY?! I already told Keith and he said we're going to Toronto on the 9th!! hahaha.

  7. ughhhh I'm going to throw up in my mouth. I can't even describe the phobia that I have of rats...it's actually, like, crippling. The phobia, I mean.

  8. Have you read the book 'Stargirl'? It's one of my favourites. Her name is star girl, and she also walks around with a rat on her shoulders. So that's 3. Might be hard to capture a fictional character though...


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