Wednesday, August 01, 2012

{dragon boats}

today, my arms are just hanging from my shoulders like giant linguini and i have a new favourite thing:
DRAGON BOATING. {click for more info}

i know i'm constantly like, "go try new things!" but i'm going to say it again because so few people actually do. when it comes down to it, we're all too tired, or too lazy, or too broke. well not to be morbid or anything, you guys, but on your death bed i guarantee you're going to be like, "i wish i'd gone dragon boating."
what you need to do right now, is find yourself 21 friends and a dragon boat and a pretty big body of water. and don't even look at me like i'm crazy, because my pops-in-law rented three of them last night, and we filled them and we raced them.

barclay and i sat in the very front, and we paddled like nobody's business, and our team won. i got all competitive about it and sometimes i was really good at it, and sometimes i lost count and gave the guy sitting behind me a pretty full-on shower. which i tried not to think about too much because, after all, this was the lake i saw them pull a dead body out of last year.
anyway, even if you're not the competitive type, you'll probably like the part where the caller yells, "let it ride!" and everyone pulls their paddles out of the water and you're all out of breath a little so you just sit there in the middle of the water and watch the people on the shore wish they were you.