Wednesday, August 29, 2012

{dream days}

Photobucket the past couple weeks have felt kind of like a dream. it's not that anything overly strange or wonderful or terrible has happened; it's just that every situation or event has had kind of an unreal quality to it. like a picture with a vignette.

someone will say something very unexpected, or i'll run into someone i didn't think i'd ever see again, or i'll find myself downtown standing in a big glass box full of money with strangers gathered around me screaming, "STUFF THE MONEY IN YOUR MOUTH!" {there really is a first time for everything.}

last night, i was sick in bed one minute, and at a weird 1980's rock concert literally five minutes later. me and a thousand 45 year-olds wearing leather and heavy eye make-up. and the whole time i wasn't sure if i was actually there, you know? i guess it just caught me off guard, because i'd been mostly planning on staying home and watching animal planet.
so the problem becomes that i'm going to start getting my real dreams mixed up with my real life. and when a dragon comes out of my neighbor's house and burns me down, i'm going to be very, very confused. it's like legally blonde meets inception. what a mess.

anyway. i get my wisdom teeth out tomorrow, all four of them. i'm not going under; i'm going to bring along my iphone and listen to really, really loud music the whole time so i don't hear my teeth being broken apart  right by my ears. i feel like that in itself will be a surreal experience to cap off these strange summer days. i'll blog again when i'm brain-deep in painkillers, because you all are the type of people who will probably enjoy that.

ah, life. you know?