Tuesday, August 07, 2012


this weekend, barclay and i went to the rage regina logo and site launch. it was a pretty swell event, and the live music was fantastic.
{danny goertz played some of his acoustic stuff. click HERE to hear. barclay usually gets pretty critical of musicians--muttering things under his breath about obvious chord progressions and cheesy over-rhymed lyrics, but even he didn't have one negative comment to say about this guy. that is, for lack of a better word, something.}

but the point is not that.

the point is that the new website is up and running and i'll be writing over there a lot more frequently from now on. i mean, though, not more frequently than here. because here, i don't have to use capital letters and i can talk about whatever i feel like.

click the screen shot below to visit the new site and read an article i wrote about some fun things i'm going to do in regina in august.
ps: if you live in the area, and you bump into me at one of these events, come up and be like, "HI!"
pps: if you want to buy something from the society6 shop anytime before august 12, click here for free shipping


  1. good luck with the new writing--i bet you will be amazing! :)

  2. that is such a great website. and yeah, one of the greatest perks of having a blog is never ever ever having to capitalize anything haha. anyhoo, i think every city needs a site like that, so cool to see promotion of local artists. ♥

  3. thanks lottie. :D
    and bee: YES. it's so good. i'm really pumped to be a part of it and get it moving. :)

  4. Okay, I just need you to grab me one night and say, "This is what we're doing" b/c all of that sounds fun but I always think I'm not cool enough or hip enough or trendy enough to go. I feel like I would walk around and stick out like a sore thumb. So, yeah, you're just going to have to grab me or I'm going to open and close the refrigerator (can you believe I had to look up how to spell that?) all August long!

  5. haha jen: i will do that one of these days. for sure. :)


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