Thursday, August 30, 2012


well. that was kind of like walking into a cave expecting a fire-breathing dragon and finding, instead, a really short, bald guy sitting at a desk sorting through his stamp collection. 
and you say to him, "is there a dragon in here?"
and he says to you, "nope."

i got in the chair at 9:56, was out of the chair, all four wisdom teeth gone, at 10:13. i was downright shocked when they finished, because i'd only heard them pull two {yeah, you hear it, cracking and breaking, right by your ear. kind of weird}, and i was starting to fall asleep. i'm not trying to act all tough, i'm just thankful for novocaine, that's all.

actually, the worst part of the whole thing happened not in the chair, but at shopper's drug mart a half hour later. i was paying for some stuff and when i reached for my wallet i noticed that my shirt was wet. i couldn't figure it out. wet? wet? wet? ohhh...i put a hand up to my chin, which was still frozen. wet. bloody. everyone in the area was looking at me all sympathetically, and a young man chivalrously, and magically, produced a box of kleenex. i tried to apologize, but the whole swollen mouth thing made that very hard. 

" sowy...jus ha my wisum teef ow... sowy..."

i was hard core drooling. and bleeding. a lot. i looked like a zombie and talked like a two year old. it was a shining moment in my existence. liz was with me. she said, "well, someday you can look back on this and laugh..." but i was laughing already because it was dang funny. 

anyway, zombie toddler experience aside, the morning hasn't been too bad. i've given up on appearing in public and am now sitting here in my glow-in-the-dark pajamas happily downing my first t3 of the day and thinking about watching a movie. and drooling.


  1. Atta girl for getting them taken out! I have to get mine out in a few years, which will suck. Love the story though. And I am impressed that you did go to Shoppers after!

  2. Oh how I love a good wisdom teeth story!

  3. Oh noooo! hahaha I'd do the exact same thing I'm sure (though I've never had my wisdom teeth out). I bet you were still adorable :)

  4. You are "no pain meds girl"!!! You amaze me with your toughness. Still planning on going to that wedding?

  5. Enjoy your zombie toddler movie day. x

  6. courtney: it won't suck--that's what i'm trying to tell you! people build it up to be this big thing and it's not. you'll be FINE! :)

    jen: no, we're not going to the wedding's in winnipeg and just wouldn't work with everything else going on these days. sigh. haha, oh well!

    sarah: thanks! i did. :)

  7. hahaha I got a bunch of cavities filled a few years ago and my mouth was so frozen that when I smiled only half of my face moved for about an hour. It was SO embarrassing.

  8. Oh I'm so glad it went ok for you! Apart from the drooling thing, which is actually pretty hilarious. And glow in the dark pjs!? Whaaaat?! Jealous.x


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