Tuesday, September 18, 2012

{accessibility: a paper rant}


  1. Agreed. Texting was a great invention but also it can be such a drag!

  2. I have an annoying family member who will call me 20 times within an hour and never leave a message, but I get worried when I see how many times they tried to call. So... I call back...
    "Hi, it's me! What's wrong??"
    "Ohhh... nothing. Just wanted to chat."

  3. Yessss, I've missed the paper rants!

  4. Haha I am one of those people who is always available by phone...it's left over from when Robbie was in Iraq. I physically can't NOT answer my phone unless I'm on another call or otherwise busy. Love this graphic, though :)

  5. So, you are one of those who always winnn..argg, I am on the other side, always watching the others win.. =)

  6. My mother does the same thing to me that the "annoying family member" does to MySpecialAgent. It freaks me out to see six missed calls only to call back and find out something was on sale at some irrelevant store.

    And I agree with Hannah Joy - missed these paper rants! SOOO good!

  7. I don't know very well how to define this: idea board, graphic, picture, drawing...? Whatever it is, it holds very true to me. Specially the fact that people just ASSUME you have to be there, and get angry if you aren't. What is wrong with the world? I have a life, too!

    I love this idea board/graphic/picture/drawing, and you've inspired me to remember I don't have to be there for everyone, at all times.

  8. dana: i know hey? i love hate it.

    my special agent: THAT is my biggest pet peeve. i get so worried when i see i've missed 20 calls from someone. LEAVE A MESSAGE AT THE BEEP.

    hannah: hahaa, well i'm glad you enjoy. :)

    jessie: sigh. mine too.

    juliette: YES I AM!

    maria: haha, i don't know how to define it either. :) it just is what it is i guess!

    but i second your question: what IS wrong with the world? silly people, all of them...


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