Friday, September 21, 2012


sometimes, i open up my own blog page, click on the archives button, and see what i wrote exactly one year ago. you know, to check if i've grown up.

for example, this is what i wrote one year ago today:

"i saw my next-door neighbour taking a walk the other day and it was weird for me because i'd never seen her outside of her yard. i didn't know she ever left her yard. i wondered if she had been kidnapped and was just returning to her yard, frazzled and shocked at the concept of there being world outside of her yard.

but then barclay got all voice-of-reasony and assured me that our neighbour is a real human lady and needs to leave her yard sometimes. it was still weird for me, though."

two years ago, i wrote about disassembling my light fixture to make earrings out of it. {here

and three years ago tomorrow, i wrote this: 

"i got a black eye at work on friday.
dallas hit me in the face with a ball, so i, the quick thinker that i am, immediately made a big deal about it even though it didn’t hurt at all and ran to the bathroom. i came to staff meeting later on with a very bruised and swollen-looking eye and cheek, due to the fact that i just so happen to live out of my car and therefore happened to have my make-up case handy for just such occasions as these. a little eyeliner goes a long way.
he felt pretty bad, i think. i helped him to. i prodded my “swollen” eye, which appeared to be glued shut, moaning, “my wedding…my wedding is this weekend…”
ben tried to make me feel better by saying that it was a nice black eye and that he wished he had a black eye like mine. i glared at him spitefully, saying that it was not a nice black eye, that it was going to ruin my wedding pictures.
later that day i washed it off and we all laughed together, happy that my wedding wasn’t ruined and that i wasn’t really actually that much of a cry-baby.
i love love love pulling people’s legs. if i could find some job where someone just paid me to pull legs, literally or figuratively, i’d be there."

i'm going to go ahead and say i've grown up, at least some, which makes me feel both hopeful and sad.