Thursday, September 06, 2012

{help! i'm a mermaid}

one of my favourite places on the internet is i mean, i don't come across much good advice there, but the questions are fantastic.

i came across this one yesterday, and i couldn't help but be really pumped about it. i love that there are people out there like this. i love that their initial reaction upon discovering their true identity as a mythical creature is to go to yahoo answers about it {i would probably call barbara walters or jian ghomeshi}. i love that these people are not in my immediate family.

what do you guys think? is she a mermaid? please help! i tend to agree with noname, though carey_ba... has a very, very good point.

also: if you google "i'm a real mermaid", my picture comes up on the first page of images. am i a mermaid?? please help!!!