Thursday, September 06, 2012

{help! i'm a mermaid}

one of my favourite places on the internet is i mean, i don't come across much good advice there, but the questions are fantastic.

i came across this one yesterday, and i couldn't help but be really pumped about it. i love that there are people out there like this. i love that their initial reaction upon discovering their true identity as a mythical creature is to go to yahoo answers about it {i would probably call barbara walters or jian ghomeshi}. i love that these people are not in my immediate family.

what do you guys think? is she a mermaid? please help! i tend to agree with noname, though carey_ba... has a very, very good point.

also: if you google "i'm a real mermaid", my picture comes up on the first page of images. am i a mermaid?? please help!!!


  1. hahahaha well I suppose my question to you is why were you searching "I'm a real mermaid"? Are you? ARE YOU ?

  2. ummmmm yeah i pretty much love yahoo answers and i look at this all the time... people are so entertaining haha!

    anddddd according to this... i think i might be a mermaid too! ohmygosh, what if we've ALL mermaids and we just never knew it until now?!?!?!

    xx, kara ;)

  3. Dear Suzy, You have been really killing it on your blog lately! Seriously. Your blog makes me wish I was a more consistent/better blogger. Great stories.

  4. YEEEESS! I love those forums! People ask the most ridic questions imaginable! You can lose yourself in the stupidity of others for like 9 days.

    This one is just great though. "I suck salt water off my hair." just shut up.

  5. If you liked this, you should spend some time on the "bic for her" pen reviews on Amazon

    It restored my faith in humanity. Thanks, internet!

  6. Oh looord, is this real life?!

  7. oh I'm dying. I kind of live for Yahoo Answers...I mean, it's my go-to place when I'm bored and there are no more blogs to read.

    to answer your question, yes. Mermaid, for sure.

  8. THANK YOU for finding me a new hobby. Triggered by your post, I curiously went to yahoo answers. The first question I came across: "How come the conversations I have in my head are a lot more better than I have with real life people?"

    This stuff is golden :D

  9. kara: you're a mermaid too!? we should go jump in the ocean together.

    megs: garsh! thank you! that's such a sweet thing to say. :)

    jrose: HAHAHA. this is fantastic. thank you for sending me here...

    debbie: thank you for being so honest with me.

    kayla: for real.

    marielle: i'm so happy to contribute to your rich and thriving internet addiction. any time. :)
    also, that question is fantastic. haha. awesome.

  10. When I was 13 I thought I had died and was a ghost like the couple from Beetlejuice. There was no Yahoo Answers to confirm nor deny my suspicions then, though.

  11. Hmm. She was "always an outcast" (#9). I have NO idea why?! :) Probably a mermaid.

  12. You are really funny... just saying. "i love that their initial reaction upon discovering their true identity as a mythical creature is to go to yahoo answers about it" That really had me on the floor for 2 whole minutes. Maybe that girl is a water sign... you know zodiac... water signs. If she had a lot of planets in her natal chart in a water sign that might be what makes her so attracted to water. Who knows?!


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