Thursday, September 20, 2012


today, you can find me here, hanging out with my friend brigitta. {she has a colourful, beautiful blog full of fun things. i highly recommend it.}

we're discussing introversion over there. come join the conversation if you feel like it...


  1. Read it. Loved it. You were right! Almost identical in sentiment to my introvert post! How crazy awesome!!! I'm glad we can relate. And YAY for relief and discovery and guilt-free time with self!!!

  2. I already left a video link on Brigitta's blog, but just in case: I loved it :) Also, if you would live near, you should definitely join the street stain painting and paint with us (if you'd enjoy that). Otherwise, just watching is also fine ;)

  3. Lovely post. I always thought you were kind of born an extrovert or introvert, somewhere along the scale of course, but Craig feels like he's changed as well since College, so b/c I know and love you both well, I'm changing my thought and saying I guess you can change! Except I hope I never change, I love being an introvert!

  4. I loved this piece!
    I'm an introvert too, and feel like I've always tried to push myself into becoming an extrovert, and I'm fairly good at talking with people, but at the same time, I know I prefer having alone time, and sometimes people don't get that. I'm glad you did, though.



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