Monday, September 24, 2012

{monday morning memory sorting}

Photobucket looking back on this weekend, i can't decipher between dreams and memories--and there were a lot of both. i'm having one of those mornings with lots of coffee and weekend brain file sorting.

having someone break into the house with a shotgun in the middle of the night...dream. {good.} almost getting beat up...friday night. not a dream. campfire, complete with surprise explosives...saturday night. definitely not a dream. getting up at 3 am for a road trip...saturday morning. not a dream. car accident...dream. 

and so on. i'm very short on sleep, so every memory has a dream-like quality to it, which makes the process a bit challenging. thank goodness for picture and video evidence.

while i'm sorting, watch this video. as per usual, you had to be there, but you weren't, get the thirty second crappy cell phone sound quality experience.

it's my dear brother-in-law, scott, and a friend of ours, brett. scott is the one with the giant wet spot on his bunnyhug. don't worry, it's not sweat. trivia/name-dropping: brett is first cousins with mike tompkins, and looks kind of exactly like him. the whole music/talent thing must run in that family like a wildebeest stampede. {i've been referencing the lion king like crazy this weekend and i don't know why.}

anyway. we were hanging out in the camp chapel saturday night and the sound system was on and there were some general shenanigans and then these two got up there. i appreciate the whole beat-boxing while playing the harmonica thing. go scotty, it's your birthday.

beatboxing from Suzy Krause on Vimeo.