Friday, September 07, 2012

{poetry slam}

i have a new favourite thing.

this isn't groundbreaking; i have a new favourite thing every other minute of every other day. i stumble on new favourite things like little pieces of furniture on the way to the bathroom in the middle of the night: i can't help it. documentaries on the deepest part of the ocean. tylenol 3. dragon boating. really, really sad music. terrifically open-ended movies. sweet potatoes with brown sugar. sarasa pens. yellow nail polish. Photobucket poetry slams. that's the kick i'm on right now. have you been? in my city, they have a poetry slam on the last wednesday of every month. and it's exactly as you're picturing it: finger snaps, a small crowd of angsty hipsters in beards and saggy beanies, so many references to "obscure" authors and music and long, passionate pieces about armpit hair and our environment. {people make jokes about hipsters and stuff, but i like them. i think they're funny. aside from the whole moustache thing, which i am very over.} there are judges, and a group slam, and a winner, and an open mic at the end of the night. 
Photobucket bethany and i went the other night. we got coffees and settled on the hard cement for the two hour tournament of words. we snapped our fingers when we liked something, and whispered, "i don't get it..." to each other when we didn't get something.
the guy who won was kind of weird, in a grab-your-chest-dramatically-when-you're-talking-about-your-broken-heart kind of way, but i'd rather watch someone like him, who was really majorly into it, than someone who went up self-consciously with a piece of foolscap and read a deadpan poem about flowers. 

there's a festival of words in the neighbouring city in october...i'm thinking i might have to make a day trip out of it and see what's up. i could listen to poetry for hours. i know: i'm so deep.

you all need to go to a poetry slam, like, tomorrow. and tell me how you liked it.