Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Photobucket someone asked me yesterday how long i've been married for. i smiled and said, "three years, tomorrow."

at this, the guy scoffed and got that look on his face that clearly said, you're so young. three years is nothing. 

which is fine. i'm very used to that look, to people calling me a newlywed and saying, "wait'll you've been married as long as ME. THEN you'll know what's up." 

it doesn't bother me because it's true. three years isn't very long. that day in the little white church in the middle of nowhere feels like yesterday. we've got a lot of life left to live.

which is fantastic.

we talked about it last night when barclay got home from work.

i said, "three years isn't very long."
and he said, "that's for sure."

and then i looked at him and i thought about maybe both living till we're in our 90's and hanging out at a coffee shop on our 70th anniversary, me spilling my coffee all over myself, him yelling hoarsely so i can hear him, saying,
and me hollering back, "BUT THAT'S DUTCH BLITZ NIGHT AT LIZ'S HOUSE!"

and then he'll tuck a stray piece of silver hair behind my ear and turn my hearing aid on for me. and we'll split a cheesecake, like we did on our third anniversary.

it'll be cute.