Thursday, September 27, 2012


Photobucket is this getting excessive yet? {sorry} i've got tote bags now!

they're 18 bucks and shipping is FREE RIGHT NOW {just until sunday}. they would, possibly, be good for carrying around library books, or small animals {cat-sized}, or shoes. they have a smaller pocket on the inside for keys, or smaller animals {mouse-sized}, or whatever tiny miscellaneous items you need to take somewhere.

i also have to say, in capital letters, THANK YOU to everyone who's been buying up the iphone cases and laptop decals and hoodies and cards and whatnot. i used some of that money to eat last week, and eating is one of my favourite things to do. so, like, bless your cyberspacey little hearts. i mean that very sincerely.


  1. Will you be making the "flying is easy {unless you want to stay up there awhile}" available in a tote?

  2. these are so cool! i love how youve been able to get your artwork out there!

    (when im not poor, i really want something!)

    xx, kara

  3. sweeeeeeeet
    the bags are perfect for me.

  4. I'm soooo going to buy one of your iPhone 4/s cases when I get mine (currently sporting a broken iPhone 3gs) ! I love eating too, oh damn, how many things in common! :D
    And it's a shame my dog doesn't fit in those totes, but he's a big Golden Retriever, so he doesn't fit in most bags anyway! Will check them out for books though!


  5. Ah! You have tote bags! YAY!!

  6. So I doubted quite a bit ("Do I need a tote bag?" "no, I don't" "but they are pretty cool"). The -shipping +awesomeness just made it happen. I just ordered one, cause they are too cool not to. Now I only need to find a cat and a mouse. Let me know if you start selling those too ;)

  7. kara: haha, well i'm thinking about doing some kind of giveaway around here soon. so maybe you can have something before you're not poor! :)

    liz: aw good! :)

    maria: hahah we do have so much in common!! and i'm sorry that the bags aren't large enough for your dog. sigh. i'll get on it. ;)

    emily! i do! yay!

    marielle: aw, thank you so much for ordering one! i hope you love it. :)

  8. Mine shipped!!! So excited.

  9. I got mine! Woohoo - it's SO cute!!


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