Tuesday, October 23, 2012

{how royal canoe simultaneously wrecked and made my day}

Today was going to be a ridiculously good day. I was going to walk down to the bakery, spend some time in the sun, go for lunch with Kiersten, teach some piano lessons, and then finish off at The Exchange with Royal Canoe.

Obviously, the show was the main thing. Have you heard these guys? They happened in Winnipeg, of all places. I don't even know what genre they are; it's like they've collected the discarded scraps of convention and technique and sound from under the tables of varied hip-hop and indie and pop artists and sewn them seamlessly into their own giant patchwork of an album. They're mad. It's fantastic. Their live show? Anticipated to be the musical highlight of my month. Case in point below: the video that made my day. Watch all the way to the end for goosebumps and just ignore the guys in the balaclavas if you're prone to nightmares. However.

This morning I woke up to snow and the realization that the show was actually scheduled for November 23. Not October 23. And then the further and worse realization that the one in November has been cancelled. I almost crawled back into bed {for a year}. Dear Royal Canoe: Why are you doing this to me? Please change your mind.

As for tonight, I guess I'll just listen to their Extended Play album that I downloaded from Noisetrade {check it out and get it for yourself here} over and over as loud as my iPod will allow and cry into my cereal. And there will be no milk, because it's too cold to run out and get some.

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