Monday, October 22, 2012

{lab rats and fondue}

On Saturday night, Liz and I kidnapped our friend Bethany from Boston Pizza, where she was having a quiet birthday supper with her family. Liz blindfolded her and led her to my waiting car where she was greeted by two lab rats who were trying to take over the world and wanted her dead.

Because I figure, if you're going to do the whole "kidnap your friend and take her to a surprise party" thing, you should do it with a wee bit of, like, flair. Or something. I'm only a little ashamed to admit that I spent Friday evening home along talking to myself in helium voices and recording it on garage band. Only a little. You should've been there.

Video Evidence:
I'll save you the ten minutes of tinny Jeopardy music and Bethany saying, "I don't know!" over and over {it was pretty cute, but I feel like she's been through enough} and just tell you that she got the answer right, saved the world, and arrived at the party safe and on time.

I'm thankful for silly friends. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket {PS: The guy mentioned is just someone Bethany and I both know from our childhood. He wore a puffy yellow vest every time I ever saw him and was a tad obnoxious. In his defence, he was in grade 8 when I met him, and what grade 8 guy is not a tad obnoxious? Guy: if you ever come across this and somehow figure out it's you, no hard feelings, ok? I edited out your name because I feel like Bethany would be a little mortified if I didn't. I feel like Bethany's going to be a little mortified anyway. Oh well.}