Tuesday, October 16, 2012

{later, summer 2012}

PhotobucketToday, I feel like I could lay down in the middle of the floor and stay there until April. I could count the stipple chunks on the ceiling and faintly mouth the words to the slow, grey music on my iPod. Wrapped in five thick sweaters and my yellow knit toque like a big, bulbous butterfly in its cocoon.

Kind of over the top, I know. That's me.

I just don't know what to do with myself. Do I go outside? I should. It's not that cold. But it's cold enough. Where is everyone? Midterms. Work. Snugly metamophosising in their own cocoons. Where's the sun? Nowhere.

Fall and I are like grade six girls. Best friends one day, mortal enemies the next. I tell her I love her but I badmouth her to our mutual friends when she's not around. She hugs me with a warm breeze, the kind with apples and pumpkins in it, but when my back is turned she grabs me by my hair and shoves my face into a pile of snow {where'd that come from?}.

Catty. Rude. Best friends forever.