Monday, October 15, 2012

{reptile world}

Photobucket I really, really, really like gross and weird and dangerous animals. I'm not a cat person, or a dog person, or even a hamster person; but I love toothy sharks and gigantic tigers and venomous snakes. I think they're cute. Like, in a slimy, scaly, misunderstood, poetic kind of way. Like, I would hug a boa constrictor if I didn't think he'd 'hug' me back. You know? They just have so much more personality than puppies or gerbils.

I mean, I wouldn't want any of those things in my house, or living in the little river down the street, because most of the time I don't love being eaten or mangled, but I still get pretty excited about seeing them in real life.

And so it was that Barclay took me to Reptile World.
Photobucket REPTILE WORLD, guys! {This is him trying to look pumped about paying eight bucks to stand in a room full of spitting cobras and deadly pythons.}

I was very excited about it.

We got there just in time to watch them feed the snakes and alligators, one by one. You don't even want me to describe that part to you, but it was fantastic. The burmese pythons were my favourite. Those things could swallow you completely whole if they wanted to. Exhilarating.
Photobucket There was also, among many other scaled things, a 600-pound alligator named Fred, who'd been adopted by Reptile World when a woman tried to smuggle him into Canada on an airplane in her carry-on luggage. {As a baby, obviously. But still. Silly idea. At best. If she could only see him now...} Photobucket The only other people at Reptile World were little boys with huge eyes, perched on their fathers' shoulders, cautiously peering around each corner and gasping out loud at the contents of each cage. I guess it's not that common of a romantic date destination. Whatever.