Monday, October 01, 2012

{suzy and the seashell}

the weekend of music was just ridiculous.

it was a lot of driving and standing and going and coming and staying and leaving and listening and watching and talking and socializing and laughing and not a lot of sleeping.

there was also a terrifying near-death experience when we were driving home from the friday night rush concert at 3:30 in the morning. it was, obviously, dark outside and we were both pretty <understatement> tired <understatement/>. i was dozing a little in the passenger seat, he had the music blaring to keep himself from doing the same on the driver's side. at one point i opened my eyes just in time to see a large dark object looming on the horizon, a massive black presence occupying the entire road ahead. not a moose, not another vehicle...


as though someone had built a house in the middle of the road. we were getting closer, travelling at highway speed.

in spite of its size, i couldn't make out what it was. barclay didn't seem to see it at all, but he hates backseat driving, so i said nothing. i felt panicky. i pressed my right foot to the floor where the brake pedal would be if i were the one driving. and suddenly, in a moment of complete clarity, i knew what it was.


right in the path of our speeding car.


and then i threw my hands up over my head to protect myself. we were going to die in a head-on highway collision with a seashell. we don't even have seas in saskatchewan; this was very unfair.

barclay, from the driver's side of the car, patted my leg just then and assured me that there was no seashell and i looked up and saw that he was right, and thus we were saved.

so that was a little adventure. suzy and the seashell. an epic.

barclay says there was another point in that same drive where i looked over at him and said, loudly, "HELLO, HURRICANE." i also recall grabbing his arm multiple times and yelling things like, "OH NO!" and "WHAT!?" and "AHHHHH!" a lot, even though i don't remember why.

turns out my subconscious is just as anxious as my conscious. cool.

anyway. the point is for sure not that. but i am too tired to know what the point is right now. tomorrow, maybe, i will tell you the point. for now i need a coffee iv and some loud music so i don't go into withdrawal and die.


  1. OMG Suzy, I can't imagine how scary that was but I'm sorry, you are just adorable.

  2. That sounds very scary indeed. It did remind me of marcel the seashell: Hadn't watched that in ages, but makes me feel good every time :)

  3. hahahaha well I had quite the epic spider infestation the other day that turned out to be pretty easy to solve, all we had to do was break open a bunch of ant farms on the front lawn and all the spiders went outside to eat the ants.

    Dreams, right?


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