Tuesday, November 06, 2012

{a list: good songs with violins, trumpets, and/or cellos in them}

Photobucket I mentioned yesterday that I made a list of songs I like with violins, trumpets and/or cellos in them, and Jen asked if she could see it. So I thought I'd make a playlist out of it on Grooveshark, and you can listen to that by clicking here.

It's not extensive, and some of the songs only have trumpet, or only violin, or just a bit of cello, but it's a start if you need some strings and horns in your morning. And, I mean, don't you? To make you think about sad and beautiful things? So you can lay down dramatically on the floor in the middle of your kitchen and pretend that you're in the middle of a hopeless break-up scene?

If that's not the right way to start your day off, I don't know what is.