Wednesday, November 07, 2012

{art bound books}

Photobucket This morning I found out that the Dunlop Art Gallery here in Regina is hosting an art journal project.

The gallery supplies a blank, 6x8 sketchbook which you fill up according to one of the ten given themes and bring back within a year. Paint, draw, doodle, sketch, write, stamp, drool on it; they don't care. The sketchbooks will then be put on display in the art gallery, to be treated with a bunch of respect and admiration by all of the gallery's pretentious art seers for years to come. It's free to participate; all you need is a library card and some good ideas. And your work gets to be in an art gallery--which basically makes you an artist, doesn't it?

Yes. It does.

Plus, the creative muscles in your mind need a little stretching, don't they?

Yes. They do.

You might not know this about me, but this is the kind of thing that makes my blood fizz. Within half an hour of knowing this project existed, I was at the Dunlop checking out my own Art Bound Book, nodding enthusiastically at the lady helping me out and saying, "This is great! What a good idea!" over and over.

So. If you live in the area: GO GET YOURSELF A BOOK.
If you don't: definitely check around and see if you can find an art gallery or library in your area doing something like this. Or move here.

And then click on the links below for some sketchbook inspiration to get yourself going.

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